Historical larger contract for supply of dry ice blasting equipment

Following the supply of 10 dry ice blasting machines (IBL3000) in April  2014, the world largest cleaning contractor yesterday received the supply of further 50 machines from INTELblast to cover their need for cleaning of welding robots, welding cells etc. at one of the largest car manufacturer in Germany. This new model, which they are taking in to use, is based on the design of the larger IBL400. But design and functionality changes have been done in close co-operation with the customer to develop a machine that would “tick all the boxes”, when working in an area where access to the production line is awkward and narrow.

“We are proud and happy that the largest cleaning contractor in the world has chosen us as a partner for the supply of dry ice blasting equipment. In my 14 years of experience in this industry, this is the largest single supply of equipment that I have ever heard about”, says owner of INTELblast Mr. Ken Ege Jensen.

Dry ice blasting is the preferred technique for cleaning of process equipment since it leaves no residues like water, chemicals or other secondary waste behind. Dry ice, which is a natural product, simply evaporates and as significant benefit when cleaning sensitive machinery like robots, then it courses no damaged to any parts.

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