INTELblast are educating the unemployed in Spain on graffiti removal

The idea is very simple. A company wanted their logo “printed” on sidewalks, near bus stops, walking zones and other natural waiting/stopping places. Instead of the company just offering to pay the council directly for the floor space needed for this marketing campaign, INTELblast came up with an idea that exchanged the valuable floor space for graffiti removal. On top of the graffiti removal, INTELblast also trained and educated 4 local unemployed people in theoretical and practical graffiti removal, highlighting two areas of concern for both the local authorities and citizens by offering a service that has seen its budget eliminated from a high percentage of councils throughout Spain, whilst offering specialist cleaning training in the hope that those educated can find work with some of the bigger municipal cleaning companies in the country. READ THE COMPLETE PR BY CLICKING HERE

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