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INTELblast has a vast experience of more than 15 years in urban and anti-graffiti maintenance, facade restoration and surface coating applications. We apply a wide array of coatings for surface protection from, permanent and sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings to water repellency coatings to a multitude of materials in order to facilitate urban maintenance. Our expert technicians have the knowhow to resolve our client’s issues on the spot, saving them time and money.

We can offer our clients specified turnkey solutions, create and manage graffiti free zones through abatement programs, offer training, collaborations and urban maintenance public tender consultancy. We are flexible and willing to form partnerships and alliances in order to offer the very best solution whilst striving to keep costs for this ongoing problem as low as possible.

Our joint international experiences within this sector have led us to the conclusion that there is not a unique polyvalent system capable of complete and non-damaging graffiti removal currently available on the market, that is capable of cleaning all types of graffiti from every single surface, and that correct elimination depends on many factors - type of graffiti, surface, façade orientation etc.. The consequence of this is, INTELblast employing a variety of non-damaging systems and tools in order to tackle each job specifically. Whether the surface to be cleaned is historical brickwork, porous stone, glass attacked by acid or mechanically etched, permanent marker on marble etc.. We have the knowledge and the tools to effectively remove all types of graffiti without causing surface damage or disruption to our clients daily operations.
Systems used by our technicians:

  • High pressure water and environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Dry Ice blasting
  • Dry Ice / Lava blasting
  • Micro-blasting with soft/fine abrasives
  • Poultice applications
  • Glass renewal through micro polishing
  • Permanent and sacrificial protective coatings for facades, urban furniture and structures
  • Anti-vandalism film applications for glass, metals and plastics structures.

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